Monday, December 29, 2008

In London

So, it has been a great trip to Europe so far... My friend Drew Worsham and I had the opportunity to come over to Europe and spend 2 weeks.  It's been great, and I really want to slow down, as we keep running from site to site, and I will, but haven't yet.  So, it's been a bit crazy but alot of fun.  I have been shooting with my new 5D Mark II.  Still learning it, but loving it.  It's also been much colder than what I thought, so I haven't taken as many pictures as I thought I would, and haven't been able to play around much with the flash.  It's enough just to get my hands out of my pockets and snap a shot (without having to deal with the flash and equipment).   We are now in Paris and have been here for one day.  We missed our flight to Paris from London.. that was NOT good.  Cost us quite a bit more money to have to buy a train ticket last minute.  We had gone to Tim Hughes church in London to see him lead worship, and really pushed the time.  If you know me, you're not surprised.   Anyways, I'll try to update the blog as much as possible.  The friends we are staying with in Paris had wireless so I could upload them quickly.   The pictures of Drew and I are taken with his point and shoot.  The ones below are with my camera.  I quickly learned that passing off my 5D to a stranger to take a picture of us was too stressful... I keep thinking they are about to run off with it, and it makes me nervous.  So all pictures of Drew and I are taken with his point and shoot... Enjoy...

These are the pictures taken with the point and shoot...

St Pauls Cathedral
London Bridge (not that good)
On London Bridge (BOO!)
Trafalger Square
Big Ben behind us
House of Parliment

Westminster Abbey

Big Ben

Buckingham Palace entrance

Now, my camera....

Westminster Abbey
We didn't get to go in because it was $30/each so we just took a picture on the outside!

This is St Pauls Cathedral where we showed up on Sunday morning trying to catch Tim Hughes lead worship, only to find out there are multiple ''St Pauls'' and this isn't where he was leading! :)
Random telephone booth I liked!  Very ''London''
This sign is all over the ''tube'' (underground subway) and they say it all the time.  Reminding you to be careful... 
The London eye... We could have rode this, but again it was $30/each, so we opted for pics and kept walking...  I like my edit on this one, making it somewhat unrealistic looking.

Went to the London Bridge.  Very disappointed.  You would think hearing that song growing up that it would be cool.  It wasn't!
Boring London Bridge
Cool random building
Drew shooting ''Big Ben'' (the bell tower on the house of Parliment)
Big Ben

House of Parliment... Amazing building

Buckingham Palace... The Queen wasn't really there.

More to come...